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Blackberry Impulse Smartwatch

November 23, 2013
impulse smartwatch for blackberry

impulse smartwatch for blackberry


The potential impact of impulse smartwatch blackberry drug users in the world celebrated smartwatch release. Design as the final blackberry accessories, users can hide their too often mobile phone to now only glanced at his wrist.Because the bluetooth wireless connection, see the pockets of your mobile phone, can immediately show incoming email, text, and 1.3 inch OLED display on the phone.

For more information and specification table interface basic shooting, hit the jump.

Other specifications of the equipment include: full metal body and tip vibration motor, microUSB interface and rechargeable batteries, and the four days of time “normal use” fruit juice.Unfortunately, see is only a street, do not allow the wearer to reply email or notice, only to see them, so forget to see a handsome boy depressed business impact their wrist may humor).Buyers will have to in order to install a special blackberry applications make pulse smartwatch right and mobile communication.

Currently only provide booking list, those who want to Ronnie on the blackberry eventually geek clock to start shipping units will have to wait until February.

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Sony’s SmartWatch 2 with better software and strives to outdo its rivals

November 5, 2013

The Sony SmartWatch2 is being introduced into the market as a follow up to its first master piece in the category the Sony SmartWatch. Being launched now, it is definitely going to be a competition for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This gizmo is definitely better than the older version.

The SmartWatch2 has a lot of things to be proud about, the bigger and brighter screen and the fact that it is water resistant. The gizmo costs somewhat lesser than the Samsung counterpart and also the SmartWatch2 has been built to support a wide range of Android smartphones which is not possible in the Galaxy Gear. The SmartWatch2 also has a lot more apps ass compared to the gadget from Samsung.

Setting up your SmartWatch2 is pretty much easy. On Sony Xperia handsets running on Android 4.0 or higher the required app i.e., Sony Smart Connect (which has to be installed in other android handsets) will most probably be preloaded. After doing this you activate the SmartWatch2’s Bluetooth pairing mode by shutting down the watch and then pressing and holding the unit is power button for a few seconds. After that you pair the gizmo with your phone within the android settings menu as you would any ordinary Bluetooth device.


Talking about its design part it is compact and is a pretty attractive gadget which can be worn around! The gizmo has a rubbery silicone wrist strap (leather strap is also available) which makes it pretty comfortable to wear. The silicone strap is available in yellow, pink, turquoise, purple and black colors while the leather strap is available in black and light brown band options. The design of the gizmo also makes it matching to its current range of handsets like Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra. There’s even a circular power button on the gadget’s right side which is most prominent in Xperia phones. The SmartWatch2 is actually larger and heavier than the original. But the 8g weight difference is not going to be noticed. The gadget weighs just about 23.5g.


The gadget has a 1.6 inch display (sunlight readable) with a 220×176 pixel resolution compared to the 1.3 inch and 128×128 pixels display of its predecessor. But to be frank its competitor the galaxy gear has a curved OLED screen which is more desirable than the SmartWatch2’s LCD screen since using the LCD screen under sunlight is a bit difficult.


Coming to the gadget’s performance its stability and performance quality has greatly improved compared to it is predecessor. There seemed to be no trouble when music stored on the phone was accessed, played and controlled using the gadget. Tapping the display when in the music app brought up buttons to be used to control the volume, skipping forward and backward which gave the feel of an ipod mini touch! The best part is that the music app of the gadget syncs quite perfectly with all the music players no matter which one and that seemed to be quite attractive. The social servicing sites also seemed to be running without many problems. There was just a small vibration which was quite comfortable, didn’t startle me either. It is quite easy to both answer and accept calls through the gadget. Actually using a Bluetooth earpiece and the SmartWatch2 together is quite a convenience. There is quite an interesting part in the gadget. By saying a part, I meant there is a feature which is quite interesting. The gadget has quite a range of clock designs inbuilt both analog and digital. Here comes the kicker the clock will flare into life when the SmartWatch detects movement! Sony has added a new capability to the SmartWatch2 in the form of NFC circuitry. This is a hardware which allows to let the gadget pair with compatible devices quickly simply by tapping it briefly against the handset. Once this is done the gadget will link up with phones via wireless Bluetooth connection. Coming to another part which is a negative thing about the gadget is that there is no digital camera or video recorder on the gadget while the Galaxy Gear sports both the features.

Even if the watch loses connection with your phone by for example moving out of range of the handset’s Bluetooth, the gadget will still show the time in it like any other watch and when it is brought back in its range the SmartWatch2 will automatically reconnect with the handset. But there is a big drawback for the gadget which is the fact that the SmartWatch loses track completely when it is out of power and the idea of a linked phone is not even in the picture. This means that if the gadget is out of charge it’s not at all useful and can be worn around simply as an ornament!

Battery Life

The company says that the SmartWatch will run for up to three to four days between charges or if it is continuously used it can be used for up to 14 hours and the charge has been lasting pretty good in the device.  Like charging handsets we will get a temptation to connect the attached USB bundle and connect it to AC via a phone adapter but it’s strongly recommended against it since there is a strong chance of damaging the gadget in the process. The best way is to connect the gadget to a PC via the USB port to charge up the battery of the SmartWatch2. It is recommended that you charge your gadget daily just like the way you charge your android handset as a lag is found to be there in the watch when it’s used without charging for long periods.

 SmartWatch clocks in with better software:

Download Sony Smart Connect and SmartWatch Android apps from Google Play store to setup your Sony SmartWatch. There are chances of built-in availability of this software if you are using a Sony Xperia handset running Android 2.1 or higher. Now activate the watch’s Bluetooth pairing mode by shutting down the watch and holding the power button for a few seconds. When this is done, pair the SmartWatch with your phone within the Android settings menu same as connecting any other Blueetooth accessory. 


Once connected, the SmartWatch acts as a second screen for specially made applications on your handset. The phone doesn’t store any local data except time.


Users have access to all apps installed to run as widget just by swiping finger from right to left. There are no limits for the number of widget screens that the SmartWatch displays. The widget apps that I have used on my device include: calendar, Facebook, Music player, text messaging and weather.



Comparing with the competitors, like the Pebble watch, Fitbit Force, Nike FuelBand SE and of course the Samsung Galaxy Gear the Smartwatch2 definitely gives us a lot of hope. When compared to its competitors, the device’s price is also pretty good looking. Sony made it clear that its third-generation device functions well like a usual watch. Even though, there are not much apps released for the device, you can expect release from its manufacturer very soon.  So if you are looking for a good “gadget companion” for your device this device serves you better than any other device available in the market.

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Adidas release smart watches for $399

October 22, 2013

    Adidas vice President and interactive head Paul along announced that the company will publish a smart watch for runners. Smart watches the movement with GPS to track the activities of the athletes, and a heart rate sensor to track the performance of the movement of athletes, and through the watch on the screen, vibration and bluetooth headset to provide feedback and heart rate training guidance.

  Adidas smart watches

Unlike other smart watches on the market, the intelligence of Adidas watches is not dependent on the connection with smart phones, and now does not include some smart phones on the function of common functions such as forwarding notice. Because without the support of mobile phone library, adidas store the music, using smart watch and can be via a bluetooth headset to listen to.

Watch market compared to the overall intelligence, Adidas products do not seem to be impressive. But along Adidas is not interested in competition with all varieties of smart watches. “We do not want to make the best smart watches. We’re just trying to develop the best sports watch.”

But this watch can be hard to accept for consumers, because this watch is priced at $399, the latest intelligence than Nike FuelBand SE $250 more expensive watches. While adidas watch provide more, but for such a high price and not persuasive. This watch will be released on November 1.

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Best Comparison: Galaxy Gear VS Sony SmartWatch 2 VS Qualcomm Toq

October 9, 2013

We will see  a lot of competition in the future of smart watch and wearable computing devices. These earlier devices will test the demand for smartwatches. The following is the best smart watch comparion about Galaxy Gear vs Sony SmartWatch vs Qualcomm Toq.




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AI Smart Watch Demo: android phone also is watch

October 1, 2013

Smart watches the increase of the number will definitely faster than the rabbit. A.I Watch, Watch is a promising in the smart Watch the market and is also an independent android phones, and we see in August from a domestic product is very similar. It designed by obscure Indiegogo development company, has been pulled out in front of many giant real.

A.I Smart Watch


Indiegogo, says A.I Watch, Watch the biggest characteristic is that it can also combine the function of the smart phone, no need to connect with mobile phone. Users can use A.I Watch, Watch phone and call – although it is not and phone via bluetooth connection.

A.I Watch, Watch has its own SIM card slot, support for 850/900/850/900 MHZ band, including 3 g. Its dual-core processor running at 1.2 GHz, performance enough to run on the Google Play to download the application. Anderson, Watch running Android 4.0.4 system with 4 gb and 512 MB of memory, and a 240 x 240 resolution of 1.54 -inch touch screen, a 500 ma batteries and a 5000000 megapixel camera, it even has their own virtual voice assistant.
If the product can be went on sale, the price would be around $279, and samsung’s Galaxy Gear close. Now, however, A.I Watch, the fate of the Watch can depend on its producers in the website to raise raise $100000 to fill its costs.

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Over 91.6 million smart watches will sell in the world!

September 27, 2013

smart watch

American technology blog Business Insider’s market research firm BI Intelligence report, according to the 2018 global smart watch will be sold to 91.6 million units. Revenue will be $9.2 billion. Reported that in 2018 the global smart watch will be sold to 91.6 million units, each an average price of about $100, so the revenue of about $9.2 billion.
As for the smart watch market pioneer Pebble, reported in the first half of this year’s shipments for 93000, and bookings as high as 275000. According to the report, since smart phones, smart watch is the first new type of mobile device. Compared with the Google glasses, smart watch appears not very abrupt.
In addition, the report also pointed out that:
The smart watch is a great market potential. Survey, about 55% of the world’s population still wears a watch. Therefore, even if only a few take watch users to upgrade to smart watches, this is also a huge market, will provide intelligent watch manufacturers and application developers unlimited opportunities.
In the future, in 20 smart phones, there is a paired with smart watches.
At present, the wearable computing market mainly dominated by smart bracelet, but smart watch will eat into the share in the future, and the market has become the dominant.


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