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AI Smart Watch Demo: android phone also is watch

October 1, 2013

Smart watches the increase of the number will definitely faster than the rabbit. A.I Watch, Watch is a promising in the smart Watch the market and is also an independent android phones, and we see in August from a domestic product is very similar. It designed by obscure Indiegogo development company, has been pulled out in front of many giant real.

A.I Smart Watch


Indiegogo, says A.I Watch, Watch the biggest characteristic is that it can also combine the function of the smart phone, no need to connect with mobile phone. Users can use A.I Watch, Watch phone and call – although it is not and phone via bluetooth connection.

A.I Watch, Watch has its own SIM card slot, support for 850/900/850/900 MHZ band, including 3 g. Its dual-core processor running at 1.2 GHz, performance enough to run on the Google Play to download the application. Anderson, Watch running Android 4.0.4 system with 4 gb and 512 MB of memory, and a 240 x 240 resolution of 1.54 -inch touch screen, a 500 ma batteries and a 5000000 megapixel camera, it even has their own virtual voice assistant.
If the product can be went on sale, the price would be around $279, and samsung’s Galaxy Gear close. Now, however, A.I Watch, the fate of the Watch can depend on its producers in the website to raise raise $100000 to fill its costs.

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